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Eliminate Debt and Delays: We can improve your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), by automating your payment, collections, and fulfillment processing. Not only will you be able to consolidate your billing department, but you will also get your bills to your customers within 1 - 2 days of bill cycle cutoff, while decreasing your cost per bill.

Reduce Overhead: With our completely integrated Back-Office, Billing, and OSS solution, you can improve accuracy, and consolidate your back-office resources to eliminate unnecessary overhead.


Effective Billing Solutions: Your bill is a monthly opportunity to communicate with your customer. We can improve your process and get the most marketing benefit from it ; greater accuracy, readability, and effective communication. Just another way the Integra Touch can improve your business.


E-Commerce & Data Exchange: Our reliable, seamless, and automated process also includes full transactional logging. We provide your customers the information they desire in a format they can use.

Our systems connect to your business strategy, providing you a competitive advantage in the form of differentiation, cost leadership, and rapid response to changing market conditions. Whether you have 1,000 customers or 3,000,000 customers, IntegraTouch can get you where you need to be with a Competitive Advantage!


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